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At Social Times our Digital Marketing team specialises in a range of Online Marketing Services from Facebook & Instagram Advertising, Remarketing, Social Media Management, Email Campaign and Newsletter Management, Business Branding and much more.

Social Media​​

The use of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales and leads, and drive website traffic.


Search engine optimisation is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.

Google & Facebook PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC), also known as cost per click (CPC), is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites


Target your previous website visitors & viewers that haven’t converted within a specified amount of time.

Content Marketing

A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, and ultimately to drive a profitable customer action.

Email Campaigns

Building an email database of customers and/or potential customers and sending them communications or special offers directly.

Digital Marketing Strategies

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Some Questions That We have been asked

Campaign costs vary, we’ve set up basic entry level campaigns that cost only a few hundred dollars, to major ongoing extensive corporate campaigns in the tens of thousands. And all with a positive ROI.

We work with you and your budget because every business is different.

Get in touch with us for a free 30-minute consultation strategy session to find out.

No, it’s not necessary to be on every network. Initially we suggest Facebook, Instagram and Google as a start. But we have a detailed discussion with clients to see what relevant platforms they should be using for their business and industry. As an example, Snapchat is huge in the 13-21yr age group, but  we wouldn’t recommend it to businesses in aged care services.

Definitely Yes! Good content plays a big part and has to be feature rich, look good, be updated and easily accessed. However it’s only one piece of the puzzle, there are a lot more moving parts to get your sites SEO right. 

Short answer is yes, we can achieve results very quickly across a number of networks, however we would need to discuss which specific strategies will work for you and your overall marketing goals and objectives the best.

LinkedIn is a great place to network with other executives, and with a user base of over 100 million is a major social network that provides a channel to connect and engage with other business influencers.

Whether or not it is a suitable platform for you, we would need to have a discussion about your business and objectives.

Get in touch with us. Don’t worry about how much or little you know, we will sit down and have a discussion to show you options to suit your goals and objectives for your business. 

An initial consultation/strategy session is completely free, but after the session, you’ll be a whole lot more informed and will understand the basics to make the right decision moving forward with your business.

Yes we do, we can handle all your content, advertising and social media marketing. It lets you work on your business, whilst we look after your online marketing and advertising.

Everything we do is based on ROI. Our aim is to increase your sales, leads and promote your online branding…all inline with any existing marketing activities.

Our core strengths lie in PPC Advertising & Remarketing, Email/Content & Social Media Marketing, SEO and Design.

Do we build websites? No, we build landing pages and integrate many things with websites for campaigns that we run, but we leave the serious developing and coding stuff to the experts (and we know a few of them too). We can definitely point you in the right direction if you are after a website.

We strive to make our clients happy

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