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Google Ads By Social Times Media

Get in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps.

With Google Ads you only pay for results, like clicks to your website, leads emailed to your inbox or calls made directly to your business.

Google Ads is a system where advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results. Since advertisers have to pay for these clicks, this is how Google makes money from search.

Facebook PPC Ads By Social Times Media

Facebook is a pay-per-click marketing channel. This means that you’ll be paying every time someone clicks on your ads. You can also be charged based on ad impressions, video views, and other metrics.

Having a solid Facebook PPC (pay-per-click) strategy helps you get more people to your website or Facebook business page whilst increasing your leads and sales revenue.

Google Ads By Social Times Media

The Facts

PPC Converts Higher Than Organic Traffic.

You can place advertising in the form of text ads, videos or images ads.

With Google PPC Ads you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and every time a potential customer clicks on your ad, you then pay a fee.

What makes PPC effective is 50% of traffic converts better than organic traffic.

Percentage of people who said they’d click on a Google Ad
Percentage of people that click on ads say said search ads make it easier to find the information they’re looking for
Percentage of PPC visitors more likely to purchase something than organic visitors
Percentage of people who find local, helpful information in search results are more likely to visit the physical store
Percentage of millennials who like it when they can click on a product from an Google Ad

Customised Google PPC Strategies

Some Keys Steps...

Is PPC is A Good Fit for Your Business?
Assess whether you can afford to be involved because there is on ongoing cost.
Do you have a budget for paid advertising or do you need to focus on amplifying your organic reach?

Plan A Budget
The first step to creating a Google Ads strategy plan that works is developing your budget.

Pick Your Advertising Network/Medium
Search? Display? Shopping? YouTube? 
We guide you with this after we discuss your business.

Find the Right Keywords
Sounds easy, but you’d be surprised how many get it wrong.

Create Focused Ad Groups
The bigger your budget, the more ad groups you can develop and give attention to.
The smaller your budget, the more focused and honed-in you will have to get.

Develop Intent-Based Ad Copy and Landing Pages
Your ad and landing page are two essential components to driving sales on Google Ads. Your strategy can’t be complete without them.

Select Your Bidding Model and Start Your Campaign!
Choosing the right bidding strategy isn’t easy. Why? Google gives you about a dozen bidding strategies to choose from…but thats why we’re here.

We know which type of bidding strategies work best for different types of campaigns.

Google Ads campaigns by Social Times
Facebook PPC Ads By Social Times Media

The Facts

As far as social media advertising is concerned, Facebook is where it’s at.

But with constant algorithm changes and Facebook Business updates, Facebook Ads can be a bit of a moving target in terms of developing a robust PPC marketing strategy.

That’s why placing your PPC advertising requirements in the right hands is essential. With the playing field in constant flux, it’s important to have specialists on your side who know exactly what they’re doing.

Facebook users who visit the platform each day
Facebook users who like a brand’s page to show their support
Facebook users accessing via a mobile device
Mobile-optimized Facebook video lifts brand awareness by
Users like a brand’s page to get coupons or discounts

Some Key Points...

Facebook PPC Strategies

Is PPC is A Good Fit for Your Business?
Assess whether you can afford to be involved because there is on ongoing cost.
Do you have a budget for paid advertising or do you need to focus on amplifying your organic reach?

Set Realistic Goals
It might sound obvious but it’s essential to set realistic goals for your business. There’s no point chasing vanity metrics like (X) million followers.
Instead, set goals that address your biggest challenges with your overall marketing strategy and business needs.

Research Facebook Demographics
Facebook targeting is powerful.
But get too specific and you risk excluding potential customers, get not specific enough, you risk your ad being completely ignored. Our experience with hundreds of campaigns across many industries is why we can find the right balance for you.

Organised Your Content
Planning your content in advance means it’s more likely to be aligned with your brand, business goals, and audience needs. This gives you a much greater chance of engaging your audience and nurturing them along the path to purchase quickly and effectively.

Proactively Engage With Users
Just because it’s an ad, doesn’t mean conversation and engagement should be put on the back-burner. Monitor your ads closely for queries, comments and reactions. Make responding a priority by all your staff who have access to your Facebook page. It shows your audience that their voices are being heard, and helps with your overall engagement stats too. 

Plan Campaigns Properly
PPC campaigns—like any other campaign—must be properly planned in order for them to be effective.

Your planning should cover specifics around target demographics and budgets. Proper budget planning matters. Otherwise, in the world of Facebook PPC, you’re liable to spend a lot of money, fast, without the hint of a decent return.

Test & Analyse Active Campaigns.
Test and measure everything!
Test your creative content, test your messaging, test your landing page forms, message response rate and so on. You need to incorporate this into your PPC marketing strategy in order to discover what works and what doesn’t.

Summary Quick Tips

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