Remarketing Campaigns simply, targets your previous website visitors that haven’t previously converted within a specified amount of time.

Low-cost Remarketing

Remarketing campaigns are vital for businesses because they enable your recent website visitors to return to your site. This is done by using the website’s audience (i.e. past visitors) to show remarketing ads on other third party websites and apps that are using the Google and Facebook Networks Ad services.

Why Use Remarketing

On average a staggering 80-90% of all traffic on most websites generates ‘bounces’ by the visitor going to another site, and this traffic under normal conditions is lost forever. A well executed Remarketing strategy, follows the visitors as they browse other websites and mobile apps, allowing you to re-engage with them and on average channels 2%-6% of these previous visitors back to your website.

How Does It Work?

Google and Facebook will leave a cookie or pixel on the user’s computer browser or smartphone when they visit your website, so when the visitor is browsing other websites this cookie or pixel will trigger your remarketing advertisement. This return traffic generated is done with strategically placed ads specific to your product or service; subconsciously reminding them of what you offer or sell.

Google Remarketing

You can have your dynamic image ads follow past visitors of your website across over 3 Million Google partner sites. For example sites like Youtube, third party sites and mobile apps can all have your ads displayed on their networks. This is vital for your conversion rates if you are already implementing Google Adwords campaigns for your business.

Facebook Remarketing

Facebook can serve your static image, carousel, slideshows and even video remarketing ads on users’ Facebook desktop and mobile newsfeeds. In addition they will also show on Instagram feeds plus third party websites and mobile apps. Facebook have over 2 Billion active users daily, why not use this to your advantage!

Let us help you re-engage with your lost website visitors and maximise your conversion rates with a Remarketing Campaign tailored  for your business. Contact us for more information.