Did You Know

Did you know

The initial primary goal for any social media advertising campaign is to interrupt the viewer from scrolling further in their feed with your unique content. That’s it. It’s that simple, but the key to accomplishing this ‘interrupting’ can be elusive for the inexperienced.

Did you also know

The key to any successful advertising campaign is to serve relevant media rich content and to target the right audience.

Lets look at very some interesting statistics:

Growing Captive Audience

Facebook alone has become the biggest online captive audience and here are some statistics:

Total Number of Monthly Active Users:  2.072 billion
Last updated: 1/1/18

Total Number of Mobile Monthly Active Users: 1.66 billion
Last updated: 24/1/17

Total Number of Desktop Daily Active Users: 1.368 billion
Last updated: 1/1/18

Total number of Mobile Daily Active Users: 1.57 billion
Last updated: 24/6/17

What do these stats mean?

It means Facebook over the years has created a huge audience of people that are online every single day, and you can tap in to this potential captive audience for your products or services. 

This is where we come in, and this is where we can help. We offer complete Social Media Marketing solutions that help build your business a strong online presence, as well we being visible to many potential customers through a variety of marketing tools.

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